Buyers Guide

Here's a very quick overview of the home buying process. I'm working on writing a series of blog posts that take a much deeper dive but in the meantime if you'd like to learn some of the nitty gritty, lets grab coffee and I'll answer your craziest questions!

Find a Realtor

If you're reading this, you've done a great job already! You're going to spend a lot of time and put enormous trust in your agent, make sure you find the right agent to work with. 


Financing is incredibly personal and different for everyone, but the bottom line is you'll need to have this important part figured out before you step foot into a single home.

Home Search

You've reached the fun part! Looking for a home is exciting, but it can also be exhausting and frustrating if you aren't prepared. Make sure you have a plan and the right expectations.


You've found the one! We will work together to figure out what is possible and plan a strategy for getting the best price. This is where the magic happens.


Time to do our homework! The biggest player here is the home inspection, but financing, title, HOA, well and septic will play a role as well. We have 30 days to make sure this home is the right choice.


The week before closing you'll be signing lots of paperwork, transferring utilities, scheduling movers and wiring funds. On day day of, I'll give you the keys so you can go celebrate!


Buyer Process

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