Ian Broadie


Ian Broadie



My parents were real estate agents in this beautiful state we call home and I grew up watching them go through the feast and famine that is this industry. Truthfully, because of the recession and how hard it was for them and many of our friends, I never thought I would be in the business. But as I grew older, I developed a curiosity to invest. Although stocks and bonds are great, real estate, the greatest wealth generator of all time, continued to show up and it was only a matter of time before it dominated my passions.

At 24 years old all I wanted to do was buy a multifamily to 'house hack' (ask me what that means if you want to hear the best idea ever). I was spending all my time learning about real estate so it only made sense I would jump in and after a few months I was working towards my license. A year later my wife and I bought our fixer upper and two years after that we finished it!

I'm obsessed with real estate and that's why I do it. Being a 'numbers guy' I geek out over how to structure a great deal for my clients or a creative way to find the highest and best use for the property and make a killer investment. I wish I could buy all of them but I can't (yet) so the next best thing is to help others do it.

I would love the opportunity to earn your business. If you're interested in setting up a time to talk about your Real Estate goals, send me a message. Thank you!


" The house we purchased needed many renovation projects and Ian was able to help us navigate those projects by sharing his experience and knowledge as well as connecting us with local contractors. "

— Alison P

"Ian was a professional, but also became a friend we could trust as an individual of the highest integrity."

— Tricia B

"We encountered a number of random hurdles throughout negotiations with the seller and Ian was there every step of the way. I really felt like I had someone in my corner!"

— Benjamin W